Vehicle Safety Tips: What to Put in a Winter Emergency Kit

Winter As the weather turns colder and the roads get treacherous, it’s time to start preparing our cars to deal with the harsher conditions. One of the most important parts of winter readiness is putting together a winter emergency kit.

First, you need to gather some things that will help you dig your way out of a snow drift if you run into one. Always have a shovel and some cat litter or road salt to create traction so you can drive out. You should also get some emergency flares or something that will help attract attention in case of a crash. It’s a good idea to keep a cheap cell phone fully charged in your kit so you can call for help if your phone dies.

If your car breaks down and you’re stuck somewhere for several hours, you’ll want some basic necessities for yourself, including warm blankets, clothes to change into if yours get wet or to put on as an extra layer, and a few bottles of water and non-perishable snack foods.

And of course, keep your usual items—jumper cables, a spare tire, and a set of tools.

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