GMC U.S. Sales See Huge Boost in 2015

2016 GMC TerrainLong gone are the days of wondering about GMC’s future in the American automotive market. For the last 20 months, GMC has recorded huge year-over-year gains and has just document its best Q3 since 2005.

Just in September, GMC U.S. sales (retail) saw a 20.5 percent increase, and when you include commercial customer and fleet sales, that number hops up to a whopping 24 percent, making this GMC’s best September since 2004.

Across the board, the automotive industry has been reporting strong numbers, but nothing quite like the numbers coming from the GMC U.S. sales reports. The brand’s retail sales of crossovers, pickups, and SUVs are up 12.6 percent in the first 9 months of the year. That 12.6 might seem small to the untrained eye, but when you consider that it’s more than twice the industry average, it starts to feel a whole lot bigger.

The Acadia, Terrain, Yukon and Yukon XL, and the Canyon are performing exceptionally well. Americans seem to love the tough-but-luxurious vibes GMC is putting out these days.

Buick is a Book’s Best Friend Thanks to New Partnership with

BuickIn a world of cars that seems to be leaning more and more towards music-first cabin design, Buick is doing something just a little different. While still designing interiors well-suited for crisp audio for all those music geeks out there, Buick is proud be the book’s best friend in our digital age.

Through a dual-initiative with OnStar and, Buick has made all of its stunning new 2016 models totally reader-friendly. All 2016 models come standard with OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection as well as two free full book downloads from You can access your free downloads through OnStar’s innovative RemoteLink smartphone app or by contacting a live representative. This is a facet of OnStar’s new AtYourService platform for adding daily value to their customers’ in-car experience.

Buick made becoming the book’s best friend its mission once it realized that its owners are 30% more likely than owners of other brands to fill their leisure time with reading. Just one more way that Buick is showing it cares!

Redesigned 2017 Buick LaCrosse Takes Inspiration From Avenir Concept

Buick LaCrosseEarlier this year at the North American International Auto Show, the Buick Avenir concept was awarded the 2015 Eyes on Design Award for “Best Concept Vehicle.” Line all of the concepts up from the show and it was easy to see why the Avenir should be recognized.

The Avenir concept featured a distinctive grille inspired by the ’54 Wildcat Concept II, a body that featured flowing, kinetic lines and a fastback rear. Its stunning design had a lot of people wondering whether we might see the Buick Avenir concept make it to production one day.

While that hasn’t exactly happened (yet), Buick has previewed the upcoming redesigned 2017 LaCrosse and if you see the Avenir in its design, know that this was very deliberate on the part of Buick. According to Duncan Aldred, vice president of Buick, “The Avenir concept shattered expectations of what a Buick could be and the 2017 LaCrosse promises to do the same.”

Of course, it’s not just about looks for the 2017 Buick LaCrosse. The luxury sedan was also designed to offer a more “dynamic driving experience.” Outfitted with a new five-link rear suspension and built with a stronger, lighter chassis, the LaCrosse should be very fun to drive and help you look very good while doing it.

Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Road Trip

Road TripThinking about heading out for a long autumn drive? Before you do, ask yourself: do candy and energy drinks constitute a healthy diet?

Admit it. You are cruising for a bellyache. Leave the candy at home and follow these tips on how to eat healthy on a road trip.

# 1 – Try to maintain your regular schedule. We often go long periods without eating when we go on road trips. This is part of why our energy levels get so out of whack. That’s when we reach for coffee and energy drinks and drink to excess. Eat meals and snack sparingly.

# 2 – Hey, what’s wrong with snacking? Nothing, as long as they aren’t abused. Think about it. How often and at what quantity do you snack when you’re not road tripping? It likely pales in comparison to what you eat on the road. Snack healthy. Try things like almonds, veggies and hummus, Greek yogurt, or dried fruit.

# 3 – Stay hydrated! Coffee is known for its dehydrating effects; sugary drinks too. Making sure you drink plenty makes sure you keep your energy up too.

The bottom line is that eating healthy ensures that you are at your best. And only then can you enjoy your trip to the fullest!

GMC Cargo Room for any Extracurricular

GMC Cargo HoldSchool is back in session, which means parents are busier than ever! Not only do kids have class during the day, but they also have extracurricular activities after school. The result can be chaotic. Unless, of course you have a GMC vehicle.

According to a recent GMC press release, GMC vehicles have cargo room for any extracurricular.

All of the crossovers in the GMC lineup, from the Acadia to the Yukon, come with plenty of space for any cargo your kids might need for after school activities. Additionally, there will be enough space for the kids as well.

With the insane amount of space GMC vehicles come with, there is even room to carpool multiple kids to their extracurricular activities after school.

Most importantly, GMC vehicles are also there to offer safety for your entire family, being some of the safest vehicles on the road.

Don’t let extracurricular add extra stress to your day. Choose a GMC!

Florida Theme Parks to Explore

Disney WorldFlorida is fortunate enough to be blessed with warm weather throughout the year. That means even though summer is over, there is still plenty of time to visit some awesome theme parks. Here are some Florida theme parks to explore.

Disney World

Disney World is the happiest place on earth, so of course it would be on this list. With four unique theme parks, two water parks, and more mouse-related memorabilia than anywhere else on the planet, Disney World is where dreams become realities!

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is made up of two theme parks that both bring the magic of movies to life. Whether you take a drive with the Transformers or explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there is plenty to do at Universal Studios for everyone to enjoy.


LEGOLAND is a child’s fantasy come to life. Constructed with Legos and featuring some truly amazing attractions, everything really is awesome at LEGOLAND!

Busch Gardens

Part theme park, part zoo, Busch Gardens, located right here in Tampa, brings the wonderful world of the animal kingdom to life with exhibits and exhilarating thrill rides.

Buick Launches 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive

Buick LogoBuick recently launched the 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive. Buick hopes to revolutionize the traditional test drive. Secondly, Buick wants to remind us that driving should be enjoyable and that we can empower ourselves to make it so!

Buick put together a fun and educational set of presentations. Ever had an itch to “integrate yoga into your daily drive”? Yoga guru Dennis narrates as Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli shows us how here. Ever wanted to create your own in-car scent? Buick teaches you how here.

As a lot of you have experienced, the traditional test drive just doesn’t have a lot do with real world driving. With only 20 minutes to half an hour, it is hard to imagine how a candidate vehicle will perform as you go about your day-to-day adventures.

That’s why Buick has introduced the 24 Hour Test Drive. Insured drivers who are at least 21 years of age will now be able to try a Buick vehicle out for a whole day.

Of course, just because you have a whole 24 hours doesn’t mean it’ll take you that long to decide. Most people don’t take that long to fall in love with a Buick.

The Dangers of Using a Cell Phone While Driving Are Worse Than You Thought

Cell Phones and Driving The Huffington Post recently compiled some rather distressing statistics on the dangers of using a cell phone while driving….

  • 25% of all motor vehicle accidents involved a cellphone
  • Nine Americans are killed every day as a result of distracted driving “such as using a cellphone, texting or eating”
  • People take their eyes off the road for an average of five seconds to write or read a text

What can you do to help prevent these kinds of tragedies? The answer is simple: do NOT use your cell phone while you are driving. Period. If you find it is too hard to resist, try putting your phone in your glove box. If you still find you can’t resist, then put it in the trunk.

Worried about ignoring texts and calls? Your phone likely has a feature that will automatically send pre-written messages to anyone who happens to text you while you are in transit. If not, there are a lot of apps that can do it for you. Any friend who is going to argue with that is probably not a friend worth having.

Multiple, Official 2016 GMC Sierra Images Released of New, Bold Model

GMC SierraEarlier this month, GMC revealed upgraded styling for the upcoming 2016 GMC Sierra, so we can now finally see exactly how to the top-notch heavy-duty truck will appear when it dominates the roads.

The 2016 Sierra will get LED signature daytime running lights, LED headlights, LED fog lamps and bumpers, and lastly, the 2016 Sierra will host the same “C-shaped” theme on its rear LED taillights.

It’s no surprise that GMC is putting a bunch of its eggs in the Sierra basket, as this truck, which has historically been pretty luxurious, is at the forefront of a modern trend towards premium trucks. We estimate that the 2016 Sierra will be the most popular yet.

You can check out a handful of 2016 GMC Sierra images here, featuring the boxy, bold truck in all its glory. What do you think of the new GMC Sierra? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

New 2017 Buick LaCrosse Spy Photos Show Off Model’s Premium Interior

Buick LaCrosseAre you looking forward to the 2017 Buick LaCrosse? Well, thanks to some crafty photographers across the globe, we now have more photographs than ever of the 2017 LaCrosse, which was recently caught while testing in China.

We can see from the images that the 2017 LaCrosse has a very slender frame with a low roofline, fitting right in with the latest trends in mid-size cars. However, it still has its own, signature sense of Buick flair.

Even the front fascia of the 2017 LaCrosse looks sleeker, but what’s most surprising is the new vehicle’s interior, which appears to have changed entirely, looking more refined and high-tech than ever.

Check out a gallery of the 2017 Buick LaCrosse spy photos here, to get a good look for yourself. Hopefully, Buick will release some official images of the new car soon.

What do you think of the new Buick LaCrosse? Let us know what you think about the model in the comments.