Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle

It’s common knowledge that oil changes are an important part of car care. But what type of oil is right for the particular model that you drive? Here are a few pointers for choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle. However, we recommend starting with your vehicle’s owner manual to see which type of oil the automaker recommends for your particular make and model.

Primary oil types for your car

Conventional oil is the most economical choice when the time comes for an oil change. It’s comprised of crude oil that’s been refined during the manufacturing process. Synthetic blend oil is oil that has fewer impurities due to chemical engineering processes. Though once more common for performance vehicles, it’s now a pretty common engine oil that many newer models were designed to use.

Two other options you can go with are synthetic blend and high mileage oil. The former is a combination of conventional and synthetic that’s a cheaper alternative if you don’t need synthetic but want something a step up from conventional oil for your ride. High mileage oil can be pricier than synthetic but can be worth the expense if you want to extend the life of an older vehicle. This oil type has additives that not only boost engine performance but also prevent leaks and restore seals to keep your well-traveled car running smoothly.

Two more tips about oil changes

Oil type isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to oil changes. Check your car’s owner manual to see what viscosity grade the oil you go with should have. And make sure to check the manual for the automaker’s recommended oil change frequency, since some vehicles might need more frequent oil changes than others.

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