How to Spring Clean Your Car

How to Spring Clean Your Car




You’ve heard of spring cleaning your house, but it’s also a good idea to spring clean your car. Here are some expert tips for making your ride look and feel brand-new from the inside out.

Take Your Time With a Thorough Wash: Don’t just head to the local car wash this time. Find a warm day to bring out the soapy water bucket (make sure you use something specially-formulated for auto care and not household dish soap) and get scrubbing. Make sure to check the undercarriage for winter gunk like road salt.

Don’t Underestimate a Coat of Wax: Most people wash their car and forget the most important step – a protective layer of wax coating. Make your car shine like new, and prevent the paint from stripping off or fading.

Vacuum and Scrub the Interior: Toss out the trash, bring in everything you need out of the trunk, and dedicate some time to getting all the dirt, debris, and stains out of the interior.

Check Your Tires: Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and check to make sure that they’re not too worn. Insufficient tread depth is illegal and could put your life in danger.

Replace Wiper Blades: The snowy and soggy winter months can do a number on your windshield wipers, so make sure to treat your car to a brand new set.

When you spring clean your car, you’ll feel way better and find yourself in a calmer and more relaxed state of mind. It’s like having a clean slate – which is what the beginning of spring is all about.

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