GMC EnlistMe Campaign Helps Disabled Veterans

GMC EnlistMeThe GMC EnlistMe campaign announced last month is a campaign meant to raise awareness and funds for disabled veterans, especially those injured during post-9/11 efforts in the Middle East. Working in conjunction with the Building for America’s Bravest program, GMC will donate the funds raised from the EnlistMe campaign to building “smart homes” that are more accessible for those disabled in combat.

GMC encouraged fans and employees to take photos of themselves doing the sign language sign for house and upload them to social media to spread awareness of the need to build homes for the disabled and encourage their followers and friends and family to make donations to the campaign. Each of the 200 houses the program hopes to build will cost $600,000.

Disabled vets make up a troublingly large portion of veterans, and an estimated 16% of them were injured in the 9/11 generation. US vice president of Buick and GMC Sales, Service, and Marketing Duncan Aldred says that many veterans are coming back from the service to homes that “just don’t meet the needs of their individual conditions.”

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