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Do You Need a Truck or SUV?

Here at Rivard Buick GMC, we have a great selection of family-oriented trucks and SUVs to choose from. We’ve outlined some of the key advantages of trucks and SUVs to help you make the right decision for your family in Tampa Bay.

Truck perks

Towing performance is one of the most distinct advantages that trucks have over SUVs. Many trucks come with a towing package to further enhance the vehicle’s pulling strength. So, if your family has a camper, some rec vehicles, or a boat to transport, then go with a truck.

Another benefit is that trucks have a spacious truck bed for transporting any possessions, landscaping equipment, or home improvement materials. Granted, full-size SUVs can have generous interior space for people and things. But a truck is the better choice if your family has sharp, heavy, and/or dirty objects to transport — especially if you prefer to keep the cabin clean and clutter-free for passengers.

SUV perks

SUVs typically have more passenger space than trucks. Smaller SUVs can accommodate up to five people, on par with extended cab truck configurations, while larger SUVs can fit as many as eight passengers. So, if you have a large family to chauffeur around Florida, an SUV makes a better choice.

Maneuverability is another strength that SUVs have over trucks. They tend to have a tighter turning radius than trucks do and a slightly shorter frame, which makes them less stressful to drive in traffic or in cramped parking lot scenarios.

Still not sure whether to go with a truck or SUV? Stop by Rivard Buick GMC to browse our inventory in person. We’ll help you pick the right truck or SUV to fit your family’s budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

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