GMC Cargo Room for any Extracurricular

GMC Cargo HoldSchool is back in session, which means parents are busier than ever! Not only do kids have class during the day, but they also have extracurricular activities after school. The result can be chaotic. Unless, of course you have a GMC vehicle.

According to a recent GMC press release, GMC vehicles have cargo room for any extracurricular.

All of the crossovers in the GMC lineup, from the Acadia to the Yukon, come with plenty of space for any cargo your kids might need for after school activities. Additionally, there will be enough space for the kids as well.

With the insane amount of space GMC vehicles come with, there is even room to carpool multiple kids to their extracurricular activities after school.

Most importantly, GMC vehicles are also there to offer safety for your entire family, being some of the safest vehicles on the road.

Don’t let extracurricular add extra stress to your day. Choose a GMC!