Buick Cascada Water Testing Ensures A Dry, Year-Round Car

Buick CascadaPick up a convertible from Buick and you’d hopefully have no doubt that the car was absolutely waterproof. But sometimes, it’s nice to see just what kind of quality control measures an automaker might exact to ensure this was the case.

In a recent spot, Buick shows us firsthand just what the new Buick Cascada goes through to ensure that the Cascada’s soft top is watertight. It’s important because, as the host of the commercial says, “The Cascada is designed to be a year-round car, not just a summer plaything.”

When the Buick Cascada rolls off the line, it enters a water chamber where the walls and ceiling are covered in water nozzles. Each of these nozzles sprays 1.9 gallons of water per minute for ten minutes. It may seem like overkill but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Right?

We understand if you are concerned about how green a process the Buick Cascada water testing really is, in light of how much water is involved. Fret not, tree-hugger. Of the 130,000 gallons of water that is used every day, 98.5% is recycled.

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