Buick Global Sales Record: More than 1 Million Sold Worldwide

Buick LogoBuick models are more popular than ever, especially evidenced by the Buick global sales record. This is the third consecutive year Buick has had record-breaking sales, illustrating the brand’s many impressive qualities. With more than 1,170,000 Buicks sold worldwide, it is easy to see what drivers really want.

According to Buick, the popularity of crossovers has significantly contributed to the success of the brand. This includes models like the Enclave and Encore, SUVs that offer the perfect balance of luxury and capabilities.

“We think 2016 will be another watershed year for the brand with the global launch of the new 2017 LaCrosse, the North American launch of the Envision, the U.S. launch of the Cascada, and the Chinese launch of a new Verano hatchback. Our products and our customer service have never been better,” explained the automaker.

The GL8 and the Envision compact crossover were recently ranked Best in Initial Quality by JD Power, where Buick has topped the customer service index rankings among mass market brands for the past two years.

Wake Up: Tips for Avoiding Drowsy Driving

DrivingDriving in hazardous conditions is something that can’t always be helped; however, driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous, yet easily avoided. We’ve put together some tips for avoiding drowsy driving, keeping you safe on the highway.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Being tired behind the wheel can impair judgement, distract drivers, and slow reaction time. Although it may be difficult to know when you’re okay to drive, you should always try and get seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

Why does drowsy driving occur? Although you might just think that tired drivers haven’t received enough sleep, there are other reasons you may be tired. Taking medication, altering work schedules, getting fragmented or interrupted sleep, and having a chronic sleep disorder can also cause you to have problems on the road.

What can you do? Aside from getting enough sleep, you can also try: rolling down windows, listening to music, chewing ice chips, or drinking caffeine. If all else fails, try pulling over for a quick nap before continuing on.